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Feng Shui Weight Loss Tips

Weight gain is something that many people battle with, especially during the holidays. Beginning with Thanksgiving, and continuing through Christmas and the New Year, you may find yourself experiencing weight problems. What most people haven't considered is that Feng Shui and weight loss can often go hand in hand, and the practice of the philosophy of Feng Shui may actually help you combat the urge to overeat during the holidays and throughout the entire year. Learning how to use Feng Shui to your advantage to fight weight gain will lead to a healthier lifestyle. You no longer have to live with the regret of over indulgence during the holidays if you incorporate the benefits of Feng Shui and weight loss into your every day life.

The first area to look at with Feng Shui and weight loss are the dishes you use in your kitchen. The characteristics of the dishes that you use for meals, including color, size, and shape, are connected to Feng Shui and weight loss. Although round plates are the most common, circles should be avoided in the kitchen when trying to lose weight with the help of Feng Shui. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, circles are connected with mental activity. For those seeking weight loss, you do not want to encourage mental activity that is related to eating. The best type of kitchenware to shop for when optimizing your kitchen's Feng Shui are square dishes and plates. When it comes to color, orange is a great pick, including any shade of orange. In Feng Shui, orange is associated with the concept of union. Using orange dishes will bring a union of your goals and desired actions when it comes to eating and losing weight. Another tip for Feng Shui and weight loss in the kitchen is to use dishes without a shiny or glossy finish. Such surfaces will draw attention to the dish, which is something you want to avoid when working towards weight loss. A dull finish, like you find with earthenware, is desired for optimal Feng Shui.

There are other elements that you can manipulate within the kitchen to help with Feng Shui and weight loss. One important idea to keep in mind is that it is beneficial to shield the view of the kitchen from the line of sight originating at the front door. One easy way to do this is to hang curtains over the door of the kitchen, including beaded curtains. When it comes to colors that you incorporate in your kitchen design, there are a few colors that are believed to curb appetites and discourage eating. Black, blue, and burgundy are some nice dark colors to utilize in your kitchen for encouraging Feng Shui and weight loss. A good place to use these colors are with place mats and tablecloths. You will especially want to place these colors near the refrigerator. A final physical aspect that you can manipulate in your kitchen to improve Feng Shui is clutter. Be sure to remove any clutter in the room in order to eliminate bad chi and encourage a clean area with positive chi.

One process that may improve Feng Shui and weight loss is the practice of prayer before meals. This type of prayer does not have to be religious, it is simply used to quiet your mind before a meal and recall your hopes for losing weight. During this short prayer, or mantra, you should also remind yourself of the portion sizes you wish to eat. Reminding yourself of the control you intend to exercise during the meal will help you when it comes to following through on your intentions.

The kitchen isn't the only area of the house that you should concentrate on when it comes to Feng Shui and weight loss. Improving positive chi throughout your entire house will bring about the best chances for weight loss success. One way to bring Feng Shui to the entire house is to place mirrors in different rooms and hallways. This way you will be able to frequently catch a glimpse of yourself which should encourage you to continue with your weight loss goals. It is also beneficial to use a mirror when exercising or participating in another active. The feeling of movement will bring positive chi. Another way to encourage a presence of positive chi throughout the house is to use the color red. Red is a color of energy, and will help you to become active and stay active as you move about your house.

Remember, use red throughout the house to encourage Feng Shui and weight loss with an energetic and active lifestyle. Use dark colors such as blues and blacks in the kitchen to minimize food cravings and impulses to eat more than is necessary. Decorate your home with mirrors and carefully select the best kind of dishes. These simple tips will bring Feng Shui into your home along with an ability to achieve weight loss goals.

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