Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lose Pregnancy Weight Effectively

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. While our baby grows, our body is changing to accommodate more room for him or her. Without the weight gain, you and your baby could end up with major health problems. But, just because gaining weight is necessary doesn't mean we can't get rid of that baby weight after pregnancy. How to lose the pregnancy weight healthily and quickly is the key.

Many of us have struggled with weight loss over our lives. We work hard to keep up with our diet and exercise programs, but often lose momentum when our energy is zapped by the pregnancy. Combining every day life events and tasks is hard enough while working to stay healthy. Being pregnant can be that much more difficult. But it is possible to lose that baby weight with a few simple tips.

When starting any new exercise and diet plan, consulting with your doctor is essential to keep your health up to par. Getting back into the swing of things slowly is the key. Remember, your body is recovering from major changes. Your ligaments are still soft and muscles overstretched; both of which could cause extreme injury if your body is not ready. However, just because you need to start slowly and take it easy at first, doesn't mean that you can't get going on the weight loss.

Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet. Not only is this going to keep you healthy (and your baby, too, if you are breast feeding), but you will be able to lose the pregnancy weight more easily. Remember, even if you are breast feeding, you don't need to eat for two any longer. Keep up with the good foods, just not the portion sizes.

Foods like sugars, caffeine, processed foods, and sodium are not only bad for you, they are bad for your baby too. If you aren't breast feeding and don't need to worry about what you eat being what your baby is eating, still consider what it is you are putting into your body. If you wouldn't feed it to your baby, you shouldn't be eating it either. The more fresh and natural your foods are, the better your body will react and the faster weight loss will start.

Eating habits alone are not the only way to help shed the pregnancy pounds. If you have not started, try out your new stroller. If you can only make it around the block once, don't worry. The purpose is to get moving and get your body back to moving normally. With each walk you take, you're going to become stronger and you will start to lose the pregnancy weight. You will also get an opportunity to get fresh air and a change of scenery, which is important for your metal state as well as your physical.

Each new day with baby is a learning experience. Don't make losing weight more difficult than it needs to be. Watch what you eat; fresh and natural foods in small portions. Move each day by walking with baby or finding other ways to get some exercise (doing all of the laundry for those tiny clothes and blankets is another good start). As long as you take one baby step at a time, you will say good bye to pregnancy weight before you know it.

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