Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Health care tax determined by weight

Obese people are a drain on other people’s earnings through their selfish lifestyle which causes higher taxes to pay for health care for obese people. This selfishness is shown in the fact that they make no attempt to alter their lifestyle and become healthy, instead they are happy to have other people pay their medical costs. The fact that they have an extremely unhealthy lifestyle should be their own problem rather than a problem for their fellow taxpayers. The results of their unhealthy lifestyle, which will show up at some point in their lives should not impact other people. The fact that they are too weak to embrace a healthier life, even if it's just encouraging their children to use a climbing frame occasionally, is something they should have to pay for, not the rest of us.

There are always steps that can be taken, but many of them may not be as effective as need to be. Teaching someone about a healthier lifestyle may not be as effective as taking steps to affect them where they are likely to be most concerned. For most people, this is likely to be their money, which will be hit by a tax aimed at their weight. If they had to pay an additional tax based on their weight many obese people would be motivated to lose weight. Either the weight related taxes could be deducted in a similar manner to income tax or an additional fee can be levied each time they visit a health care centre. This way all of their self inflicted problems are made their responsibility instead of the problem of the rest of us.

The idea of rewarding obese people when they have lost weight is ridiculous since the rest of us maintain a normal weight with no reward. In order to give people an incentive to lose weight you can punish them financially until they lose weight. The incentive is that once they reach a healthy weight the punishment will be reduced. If they are capable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle then the punishment will be stopped completely. Another way to punish obese people for their selfish lifestyle is force them to be weighed in public and hope the embarrassment will persuade them to change. Their weight will be a factor in the amount of tax they pay so any people what refuse to be weighed will have their taxes increased.

These extra taxes will then reduce the burden that is placed on the rest of us each time they go to get treated for self inflicted obesity related problems. Each time an obese person wants to get treated at their health care centre they will need to provide proof that they are up to date with their taxes. If they can’t do that then they will need to pay an additional subsidy fee. If you’re not up to date or have moved up a weight category and are paying the wrong tax then you will need to make up the difference before you can be treated. Weight categories would ensure that the people who weight most pay most. This is sensible since the more obese a person is the more health problems they will have.