Monday, March 12, 2007

Is Phentermine For You

Do you think Phentermine is suitable for you?

There are many reasons why is it so difficult to lose weight. People like to eat tasty foods, and to lose weight they have to avoid over eating.

To lose weight by avoiding over eating is a slow process and it is difficult so have patience. To some people it is somewhat impossible to maintain such habit of avoiding over eating. It makes people to turn on pills to control diet that help to lose weight. These diet control pills must help us:

• To eliminate hunger pangs
• To lose weight

We saw many such diet control pills lying at shelves of drug stores and advertisements on TV. Celebrity promotes many such diet control pills which make people to rely on.

You must be careful if you have decided to take such diet control drug otherwise you may lose money, may harm your health and give you felling of being failed.

Phentermine is well known diet control or appetite suppressant drug. It is known in United States Since 1959. IT works in similar manner as amphetamine works, by intercepting the message of hunger from stomach to brain. In brief you don’t get the feeling of hunger.

You must consult your doctor before buying Phentermine. It may harmful to take Phentermine without consulting your doctor. Go for medical checkup and make sure that you don’t have heart problems or high blood pressure.

The next thing is to collect information through net about the Phentermine or the drug you are going to take.
If your doctor finds Phentermine safe for you, then you can buy Phentermine online at cheap rate as compared to the drug stores at your vicinity as there is lot of competition in this field.

To take Phentermine in proper way you must follow instructions given below:

• Try to take it at stated time.
• Take it with a full glass of water.
• Take it whole. Do not crush it.

If you skip any dose do not take double dose, it doesn’t matter if you skip one dose in therapy of Phentermine. Because it is harmful to take double dose, which can cause reaction in you body. If this is the case immediately contact your doctor.
If you feel side effects like headache, increase in rate of heart beat, hallucinations or any other side effect; it is better to consult your doctor immediately.

You must discontinue the use of Phentermine and appetite suppressants, if you have regained your proper weight, because these drugs are habit forming, you cannot take these drug lifelong.

Try to adopt proper eating habit, avoid eating junk food, do exercise which will help you to maintain your proper weight, as drugs have done their job, now it’s up to you how you maintain your body.

Do not try to substitute the food you were eating previously by diet pill. If this is the problem with you, consult a doctor or join a group with which you can share your feelings.

It’s up to you that using a diet control pills is a wise or foolish choice.

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